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Old 10-11-2010, 06:38 AM
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1970 Ford Club Wagon E200. Original Cali Van 2nd owner owned since '82

Year: 1970
Make: Ford
Model: Club Wagon
Price: $900
Mileage: 120000
Color: green/white
Private or Dealer Listing: Private Listing
Location (State): CA
Transmission: Manual
Engine: "Mexican" 302

In no particular order:

This is a 3/4 ton window van for sale in So Cal.

This van has been in California it's whole life. It belonged to my next door neighbor where I grew up so even though I've only owned it since 82, I've known the van since 1973 and I was always hanging out there when it was being worked on since I was always interested in things mechanical, so you could say I'm as close to an original owner as one could be without actually being one. That's why I was the first one they contacted when it became available.

One of the things I always liked about "Uncle" is that everything is MANUAL. Manual steering, manual brakes, manual trans, EVERYTHING. Much simpler, much less stuff to wear out and break down. (Anybody ever notice that the first three letters in the word "manual" are "MAN"?) This is not a rig for the wife!

Also, being a 70, there's no emissions stuff. There was an evap. system but I removed that in 82. Sorry if you are into those. I also like the non-slider side door set-up. Again, SIMPLE. Uncle is living proof of the success of the "KISS" philosophy.

Uncle has the highly desirable "Mexican" 302 which is well known among racers because it was built using the old hipo 289 "K" engine's tooling. To give you all an idea of what a Mexican 302 is worth, I found this add for one:
"Standard bore 1970 Mexican 302 short block. Still has rotating assy in it, but can remove for shipping by Forward Air if desired. Otherwise, local pick up is preferred. $500."

He is also selling a factory iron bellhousing (just like what Uncle has) and a low mile clutch assembly (just like what Uncle has):
"1970 cast iron bellhousing and block plate, correct for a Mach1 or Eliminator Cougar with 351C or 351W in it. Has replacement 351 Ford flywheel with new ring gear. Diaphragm style pressure plate and high quality disc included. Very little if any wear on flywheel and pressure plate. Includes all factory bolts. $200"

(For the record, this older generation 302 has the same 28 oz balance flywheel as the 351Ws and 351Cs do.)

That's $700 of the $900 I want for Uncle right there just in the engine, bellhouseing and clutch.
The whole ad can be seen here: http://www.saac.com/index.php?option...tid=8&Itemid=0

The trans. is a toploader three speed designated as the "RAT", which is so strong it was used behind big blocks too. (Most toploader three speeds are a lighter duty "RAN" version.)

Uncle has only 120,000 original miles on him. The clutch has only about 4,000 on it as does the heater core (which I upgraded to the larger one when I replaced it).

Uncle has a stout, fully welded on trailer hitch, a 40 channel CB, an aux. gas tank that holds an extra 25 gallons, an electric trailer brake system that is fully adjustable from the driver seat, a rear door mounted spare tire carrier, and I upgraded the stock mechanical voltage regulator to an electronic voltage regulator from the later vans which is, I can say with pride, the only electronics you will find in the engine bay. (Remember the "KISS" philosophy?)

It breaks my heart to sell Uncle but after thieves stole the radiator (and tore off the hood in the process), I took Uncle out of that supposedly "secure" storage and brought him home but it is only a matter of time before some whiny neighbor who can't mind their own affairs sics code enforcement on me again which of course is why Uncle wound up in storage to begin with. (Do I sound bitter? If it wasn't for code enforcement and whiny neighbors who can't mind their own affairs, Uncle wouldn't be for sale.) I have already procured another radiator and hood but I haven't installed them. (The new hood is just laying in place right now.)

Now for the negative stuff. Even though Uncle is an original Cali van, Uncle has spent his entire life outdoors and it shows inside and out. Uncle is not pretty. But he is solid and stout to the core. I saw the entire Southwest and part of Mexico through Uncle's windshield and would do it again if the following could be addressed: Install a new idler arm or idler arm bushing, Install the new/(used) radiator and hood, install a new master cylinder, and do an oil change. Something that might be an issue for some of you but never was for me was the shifter lever broke back in 82 and I never did replace it. A vise grip clamped in place has served that purpose all these years.

More factoids: The rear end is a Ford 9 inch (code WEWJ) 3.25 ratio. The 40 channel CB radio also has a built-in AM FM stereo. Uncle also has cool wall to wall 70s era carpeting and when they installed that carpeting, they used some of the leftover carpet as a dash cover to protect the dash. (It is not permanently attached.) Uncle also has the full factory instrument package. I don't know how many of these vans came this way but I've seen many that have the idiot lights instead.

I will throw in free towing up to 150 miles to get Uncle to his new home.

I want 900 dollars for Uncle for two reasons: 1) Uncle is well worth it. 2) Someone who pays 900 dollars is less likely to part Uncle out as someone who pays less than that would be. Uncle is NOT to be parted out for his Mexican 302. Please don't forget that price includes that free towing mentioned above which is worth quite a bit.

Like I said before, Uncle is not pretty. But he is solid and stout to the core.
The replacement hood is just laying in place.

Uncle's been wearing this replacement door since the 70s. The original was damaged when a passing garbage truck clipped the oversized aftermarket mirror. The original door VIN tag was saved though.

The infamous Mexican 302.

Another view of the infamous Mexican 302.

Couldn't rotate this shot.

Please click the image if you want to see a larger view of the picture.

Oh, all right, one without the Sombrero.

I want to make very clear that Uncle is a runner/driver if you install his new radiator and a new master cylinder. I held off doing the radiator because I see a lot of folks these days doing radiator and electric cooling fan upgrades. I don't want to go through the trouble if all the new owner is gonna do is yank it back out again. That's why I'm throwing in the free tow instead. I also reduced the price accordingly.

The replacement radiator is a good three core. If one wants me to put it in, come check Uncle out and we'll talk about it. One thing I won't do is put it in for a "buyer" only to have them bunk out of the deal because they don't have the money or whatever. That's why I'm gonna want a decent, non-refundable deposit up front before I'll install the radiator because, again, I'd rather leave it out so the next owner can upgrade. Plus, quite frankly, I have too much else to do right now. I also want the option of upgrading things myself if I wind up not being able to sell Uncle. Again these are reasons why I left it out and reduced the price instead.

The idler arm bushing does need to be replaced but one could still drive Uncle as long as that gets addressed in the not too distant future as Uncle is getting to be a wandering handful with all of the play in that bushing.

Also wanted to say that Uncle's stout trailer hitch is a receiver type.

Surely there are a few people here who can appreciate a van that is more "rig" and less "show". Uncle could be a good tow rig for your race car, he doesn't need any smog inspections, and his registration fees are cheap compared to the newer stuff.
Please post any questions you have here on the thread, not in a PM. That way I only have to answer any given question once, instead of repeatedly. Thanks.

Thanks for reading.
Regards, Eric
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Old 11-02-2010, 10:34 PM
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Hola Man is starting off with a positive reputation.
Not committing to anything but offers will be entertained!
Regards, Eric
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Old 01-31-2011, 05:23 AM
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Hola Man is starting off with a positive reputation.
I realize that trying to sell a vehicle during the holidays is a bad idea which is why I didn't bother to bump the ad but the holidays are over now so BUMP!
Regards, Eric
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Old 02-25-2011, 10:50 PM
kbmb02 kbmb02 is offline
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I'm interested, and in Southern California. How can I contact you? (you can shoot an email to ken -at- blaskodesign -dot- com)
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Old 03-15-2011, 11:58 PM
Pkeilen Pkeilen is offline
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Uncle still around?

Please call or email. Patrick 805 701 4878 [email protected]
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Old 12-05-2013, 10:10 PM
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Hola Man is starting off with a positive reputation.
Hello guys,

I'm very sorry, but from 10/11/10 to 2/11/11, which is 4 months, I tried to sell Uncle to somebody here. I couldn't even get a response, much less any actual interest. I finally gave up and stopped checking here.

I put Uncle on a website devoted to just 2nd gen Econolines, and found him a fabulous home, and got my full asking price!

I wanted to respond to you two just in case you are still around.

Again, I'm sorry

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