YouTubers Go Jurassic World on F-150 with a Little Raptor DNA

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Want a Ford Raptor, but don’t have over $50,000 to spend? YouTubers present the parts you’ll want to make your F-150 a Raptor clone.

If the Ford F-150 is the king of the mountain, then the F-150 Raptor is the king’s general, leading the charge and waging the bloodiest of battles on the mean streets and deadly deserts of all the king surveys. It’s also an expensive truck to add to your garage, starting at just over $50,000 and easily climbing to over $70,000 if you tick off the right boxes. Thus, the Raptor remains but a dream for many.

Of course, you can have a Raptor on an F-150 XL budget, if you don’t mind putting in the work. Matt Mohl and Michael “Freddy” Frederick of YouTube channel CJ Off-Road have been working on a red 2017 F-150 for quite some time when the idea of turning it into a Raptor clone struck their heads. Mohl says this transformation will “get this thing to perform much better and really close to what a Raptor can do” with only a small investment of time and money.

Ford F-150 Raptor Clone

The most distinctive feature of the Raptor is the all-black grill with “FORD” block lettering dead center. CJ Off-Road, which sells aftermarket parts for trucks like the F-150, has their own take of the grill for 2015-2017 F-150s. Though “it doesn’t say ‘Raptor’ like the factory one,” as Frederick explains, it does have the style and LED safety lights of the original.

Ford F-150 Raptor Clone

And speaking of LEDs, the clone receives both LED fog and back-up lights, the former Frederick says is “even better” than the units found in the current Raptor. Meanwhile, Mohl says, “‘Chrome won’t get ya home,'” and thus removes the stock steps for sturdier, Raptor-esque units in a black crinkle finish. A set of 20-inch Raptor replica wheels wrapped in mud tires, some fender flares and wheel spacers, and a Ford Performance Raptor steering wheel later, the clone is ready to meet the original.

Ford F-150 Raptor Clone

When compared to the original, the Raptor clone falls a bit short on close examination. Despite this, most people won’t likely notice the slimmer fenders and less aggressive hood of the clone while passing by on the sidewalk or the street. For only a few thousand bucks and some time with your buddies, you really can’t beat a deal like that to build a Raptor clone like this.

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