YouTubers Become Kings of the Ranch with New F-350

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With only 144,000 miles on the Power Stroke, 2003 F-350 King Ranch is ready for its new life as a shop truck.

Whether your garage has one project truck or several, you’ll need a parts hauler at some point to make life easier. Of course, the best parts hauler is a Ford truck, one with a tough bed to withstand old parts dumped into it, one with an excellent payload and towing capacity for hauling the heaviest loads, and one with plenty of comfort for you and your friends during those parts-hunting trips around town and beyond.

For YouTubers Jeff and Christian of JR Garage, this meant a 2003 F-350 King Ranch with a big Power Stroke, plenty of muscle and comfort, and one hell of a price tag.

2003 Ford F-350 King Ranch

“I feel like it’s been over a year now we’ve been promising you guys [that] we will get a truck, we’re gonna get a tow rig, we’re gonna have an awesome diesel build on the channel. Well, that day has finally come,” says Jeff. “We’ve been scouring the interwebs in the past months trying to find our dream truck, and we found it in the form of a Ford F-350 King Ranch turbo diesel Power Stroke.”

While Jeff didn’t tell his brother about the purchase until the day of filming, Christian “could not be happier” with the new F-350 in the family.

2003 Ford F-350 King Ranch

“We’re 30 minutes into the drive, [and] the truck is performing flawlessly,” Jeff says. “Plenty of power. It’s my first time driving a six-oh diesel; I drove a seven-three, as you guys remember, in Montana… That’s what really kinda got us hooked on Power Strokes.

While filming the drive, Jeff had managed 15.6 mpg on the 6.0-liter Power Stroke, getting it up to 17.2 mpg by the time he drove it into the storage facility where his more pricey rides live. He’s also impressed by the smoothness of the ride, though he admits he has to get used to the size of the big F-350.

2003 Ford F-350 King Ranch

“It feels like we are on top of the world,” says Christian as he and his brother head off to the car wash and the store. “King of the road, not just the ranch, oh my goodness. This thing is sweet. [I] really enjoy it.”

Jeff announces the first of the brothers’ plans for the F-350, which involves adding straight pipes to the truck. He mentions that the 2003 model has “a one-off turbo with 10 blades” on the impeller, instead of the 12 or 15 blades after the 2003 model year. Thus, with the proposed pipes, the turbo’s whistle will be louder than ever before.

He also says the F-350 is an improvement over what he and his brother had to do before when moving vehicles and parts around, including using a Tesla Model X, whose towing capacity is lacking. The big Ford, on the other hand, can handle any big load they can throw at it.

2003 Ford F-350 King Ranch

“You guys are wondering, ‘$5,400. How is this possible?'” Jeff says. “I think with a clean title, no accidents, with this kind of mileage and condition would be, maybe, up to $15,000, $10,000 to $15,000, at least.”

Turns out the reason for the steal on this 144,000-mile F-350 is due to a big dent in the right side of the bed behind the cab, which also affected the C-pillar and rear door on the same side. Jeff thinks a motorcycle might be the culprit, due to the size of the damage, and while he plans to leave the cab alone due to its new life as a shop truck, he isn’t sure how the big dent will be repaired.

2003 Ford F-350 King Ranch

“For once for an oil change, we don’t have to life the car up, put ’em on race ramps. Christian is such a little happy camper,” says Jeff as he and his brother go to work changing the oil.

“Even when I put a car on stands, I still can’t fit under it with this creeper,” adds Christian. “And this car, I don’t even have to touch.”

The first part of the oil change almost goes well, but as the old filter has an aftermarket cap that won’t work with the OEM filter they bought, that step would have to wait for another day. The second half, draining and replacing the oil with synthetic, works out better, even if they forgot to spend a dollar for a funnel.

2003 Ford F-350 King Ranch

“One last thing… Edge Products. There’s this badge right here, and I looked it up,” Jeff says. “They actually make plug-n-play tuner boxes for this truck. I don’t see anything on the interior, but it’s very well likely that the previous owner could have just taken the box after the accident. But I think the tune is still on the truck.”

If the tune is still there, Jeff believes the F-350 could have an extra 75 horses and 150 lb-ft of torque hidden in the circuits. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg for the brothers’ plans for their new shop truck.

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