You’ll Want to Slow Down This Beautiful Flathead V8 Resto Timelapse

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The Flathead V8 powered Ford vehicles for nearly 20 years from the ’30s into the ’50s. Many of the early cars it was in were simply called Ford V8s, in fact. It’s a 221-cu-in, 3.6-liter engine that was rated at 65 horsepower.

In this video by Hagerty, the guys in the shop have a 1946 Ford that they pull the engine out of. From there, they completely tear this thing down to the block, piece by piece. As expected, the entire thing is covered in dirt and gunk, but for an engine that old, it’s really not that bad. This video gives you a look into the crank, the cam, at the pistons, the rods, everything.

Aside from how cool it is to get a broken-down view of the engine, the six-minute video is absolutely incredible in its own right. The build actually took six days, and in making this clip, Hagerty took more than 40,000 photographs. Watch and enjoy:

via [Hagerty]

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