Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Own this Beachy 1966 Custom Ford Bronco?

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1966 Ford Bronco + Elite Broncos

Custom built by Elite Broncos, this vintage halfcab is the perfect rig for off-road summer fun, year round.

Just looking at this Bronco, we can hear Beach Boys songs, smell the salt in the water, and feel the sand between our toes. It isn’t just a cool truck, it is a time machine. It transports us to easy living days by the shore. And we want it!

This 1966 Ford Bronco halfcab is for sale at Precious Metals Fine Motorcars of San Diego. What makes it unique is that it was custom built by Elite Broncos, a company that is noted for their masterful off-road work. And this Bronco exemplifies what makes their outstanding Broncos so perfect.

1966 Ford Bronco + Elite Broncos

John Cole¬†is the man behind Elite. Their motto is “One of a Kind, and One at a Time.” Cole’s passion is Broncos, having raced them at events including the Norra 1000, Baja 1000, as well as multiple Bronco and off-road events. Having taken on some the hardest trails, he knows what an Bronco needs to achieve high performance.

1966 Ford Bronco + Elite Broncos

Named “Funcutt,” this 1966 Bronco has it all, and then turned that up to 11.

1966 Ford Bronco + Elite Broncos

Funcutt has shown at the 2016 SEMA Show, where it made it top the Top 7 for off-road builds, and placed #21 of 277 at the Battle of the Builders. It has graced the pages of Bronco Driver, and Off Road Action magazines.

Funcutt’s features all steel fenders and bed sides, all done by hand. It boasts a long travel suspension, while still looking uncut. Front fenders have been rolled out with a English wheel. It includes a removeable lightweight fiberglass roof. The front is slope-nosed for increased visibility.

1966 Ford Bronco + Elite Broncos

Shockingly, the Bronco has less that 2,000 miles on the ticker! It is powered by a fuel injected 5.0 ported Cobra with aluminum heads, long tube headers, serpentine belt, 75mm throttle body and MAF, 24 lb. fuel injectors for improved fuel injection, MSD ignition, and dual Odyssey batteries.

This is paired to a C4 auto transmission. Other details include custom driveshafts with safety hoop, big bearing RuffStuff Specialties 9″ rear end, Dana 44 front, both with Yukon chromoly axles, locking differentials for traction, and a custom Elite track bar setup in the rear.

The interior is clean and ready for rugged action off-road, or a smooth drive on the road.

A custom LED light bar, Ford badging, and a paint job make this a true head-turning rig that makes us a little weak in the knees. For more information, check out Precious Metals website. And be aware that they will consider any “interesting trades or offers.”

1966 Ford Bronco + Elite Broncos

Ready for summer? This Bronco makes the sun shine year round.

Photos: Precious Metals

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