Would You Buy a Ford Truck with a Sunroof?

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Sunroofs used to have a bad reputation in the automotive world. But are those problems all ironed out today?

In the old days, sunroofs were terrible. They leaked, they broke, they were harbingers of rust. But in modern times, automakers have perfected this little sliding panel. Or have they? Is this just another moving part waiting to break, leak waiting to happen, or giant piece of glass waiting to shatter in your face? They’re fair questions, and they’re what led Ford Truck Enthusiasts member fordman19762003 to pose this query in the forums.

“Getting ready to trade my wife’s truck in on a new one. She found one on a lot that’s almost exactly what she wants except it has a moonroof. Neither one of us would probably use it, but the price on the truck is good. From all the horror stories I hear about moonroofs I wonder if we should just pass on this truck and order one? She wants an XLT with the special appearance package, so pickings are kind of slim around us. And the ones we have found for sale have moonroofs.”

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We’ve honestly not thought much about the viability of modern sunroofs, so we were surprised to see such a variety of responses. Most don’t feel like they cause many issues these days, including Kingofwylietx.

“Most people don’t have any trouble with their pano roofs. I wouldn’t let it it stop me from getting a particular truck, especially if I didn’t plan to open it much. Most of the issues seem to be related to the tracks when opening or closing them. Beyond that, I’ve seen posts about leaking and the drain lines clogging, which causes water to come into the cab from the overhead console area. But, again, most people don’t have issues.”

TJReams loved his, even though he did experience a problem with it.

“Had one on my 2015, really didn’t use it that much. Did have one issue, it wouldn’t open and made a heck of a racket. Track replaced under warranty. Did not get one on the 2018, mainly because it is a $1,300 option. Mine never leaked and the grand kids loved it. Just too hot down here to use it in the summer, it sucks all the A/C out!”

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Then again, some folks have some pretty bad horror stories to tell about their sunroof-equipped Ford truck.

“My neighbor has a 2010 F-150 Lariat that has enjoyed well over $3,000 in warranty costs to fix the moon roof,” said tseekins. “Then he had to fix it again, replace the head liner, carpet, tracks, seals, glass and then do it all again. He damned near traded the truck over that issue but now it’s fixed. He says it’ll stay fixed because it’ll never get used again.”

Obviously, this is an intriguing topic and our members have some pretty varied opinions on it. But we want to know what you think – would you opt for a sunroof on your next Ford truck? Do you have any good or bad experiences to share? If so, head over here and let us know about it!

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