Meet One the World’s Fastest Ford Ranger Mud Trucks: Freewheel Burning Friday Presented by Yokohama

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Ranger crosses the bog so quickly that it doesn’t have time to sink into the deep mud.

The video above comes to us from the Anything with an Engine YouTube channel and it features a nasty Ford Ranger showing off at the Stewart’s Mud Bog in October 2017. There are quite a few videos of this Ford pickup online for good reason, as this truck is one of the fastest mud trucks we have seen and without getting into the world of actual mud racers, this Ranger has to be one of the quickest of its kind in the world.

The Machine

Unfortunately, there are no details on the truck accompanying the video information, but this Ranger doesn’t have many secrets. Really, it might not have started as a Ranger at all, as the only parts from the midsize truck are the cab, the fenders and perhaps the frame. The wheelbase has been stretched and the entire suspension system is clearly a high performance, aftermarket setup. There is no bed, but it does have a roll cage that extends out of the back of the cab.

Red Ranger Mud Coming Up

Up front, it has no wipers, so there is a hole cut in front of the driver so that he or she can see when the rest is covered with mud and there is no question that the stock Ranger engine has been replaced with a big, built V8.

Fast Ranger Mud Truck Rear

High Speed Action

During the course of the four-minute video above, this Ford Ranger makes many runs across the Stewart’s Mud Bog and in just about every case, the compact mud monster skips across the surface like a rock skipping across a pond. In fact, this little Ford builds so much speed that it regularly catches air in areas where other trucks are likely to get buried and when it hits an actual jump, it soars through the air in glorious fashion.

Ford Ranger Fast Mud Truck Moving

As the video goes on, the red Ranger turns brown as the entire truck is slowly coated with mud, but that never stops it from conquering the thick mud. From the big, open bog to the narrow tracks of thick, wet mud, nothing slows down this wicked-fast Ford Ranger.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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