Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: The World’s Angriest Ford Truck

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Watch a supercharged Ford F-100 lay down an incredible burnout in Australia.

It can be argued that Australian burnout competitions are the best, and the classic Ford F-100 in the video below, which has been appropriately dubbed “The World’s Angriest Ford Truck” is a good example of why. Plus, it serves as a reminder that automotive smoke shows Down Under are so much better than they are in the US.

Down Under, burnout competitions take place on a big, open tarmac where the competitors are free to move around while smoking the tires relentlessly. Best of all, these competitions are so popular, that the people who really want to win build monstrous, supercharged vehicles. Of course, these roast the tires without any problem until they explode and to make the action even more exciting.

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This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features an old-school Ford F-100 owned by a gentleman named Peter Grmusa. This classic Ford pickup is fitted with a supercharged 700-cubic inch engine, which provides more than enough power to create clouds of smoke.

The video by STREETMACHINETV calls it the “World’s Angriest Ford Truck,” and while we aren’t sure about that – it is almost certainly the world’s best Ford burnout truck.

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