Workers at F-150 Plant May Strike

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We’ve still got a few days for this to shake out, but an arrow has been removed from the UAW’s bargaining quiver.

Leaders of the United Auto Workers said yesterday that if a local labor agreement couldn’t be reached, then over 7,000 workers at the Kansas City Assembly Plant (KCAP) could strike on Sunday.

According to The Detroit News: “Union leaders said the indefinite contract extension approved Sept. 14 at the plant had been canceled; the two sides have five days to come to an agreement on a local pact, which is separate from the national agreement still being hammered out.”

The UAW is also currently negotiating a separate agreement with Fiat Chrysler.

The 4-million-square-foot KCAP is one of two plants where the ever-popular F-150 is built. This is no doubt a strategic move by the UAW, as any time lost would hurt. Supply of the F-150 has been tight, due to the changeover to aluminum, so Ford is just starting to build up inventory.

“If you have an arrow in your quiver, (the strike authorization is like) taking it out and getting ready to notch it back,” says Kristin Dziczek, a director at the Center for Automotive Research.

Hopefully everyone can come to an amicable agreement soon, and the arrow will get put back in the quiver.

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Via [The Detroit News]

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