BUILDUP A 1976 F-100 Flareside Dragster

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1976 Ford F-100 Build

It’s not uncommon for a fan of the classic Ford trucks to pursue a 1970s era truck build, but this one certainly stands out. Ford truck enthusiast B.Petry began this build after a bet was initiated that stated that he couldn’t build a street vehicle that could run the 1/8th mile in seven seconds for under $4,500.

In time we will see who won this bet, but the truck certainly looks promising.


B.Petry picked up this truck for eight hundred dollarsĀ on Craigslist and has since bought and sold several parts though the same site. The truck originally came with a 289 engine, but now has been equipped with a 302 that has been stroked to 347.

The price of the engine? Seven hundred dollars. He also picked up a NOS kit, headers, a like-new carburetor, and replaced the original C4 transmission with a C6. B.Petry will soon also be adding a Crown Victoria front end. His goal is for the truck to look completely stock, but to really be a true and valiant racer.


Along the way he has also had quite a bit of help — from two very helpful young lads that I’m sure are a hand full in the garage!

Though there is still a long way to go to get this truck sprinting across the line, B.Petry has already sunk $1,675 into this project as a whole and has done quite a bit with it.

We’ll have to wait and see if he can get this truck to be the powerhouse it needs to be with his remaining budget of $2,825!

Go check out B.Petry’s build thread and show your support!

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