Will Mustang Production Move to Mexico with the Rest of the Cars?

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With all the talk about Ford moving their car production to Mexico and bringing all of their truck production to the United States, it does beg the question on whether or not Ford will continue to build the Mustang in Flat Rock, Michigan.

Luckily Automotive News has the answer. While all the headlines lump everything together as “Cars,” there is hope for the vehicles assembled in Flat Rock. The Mustang is staying, and even though it’s losing Fusion it’ll gain the Lincoln Continental. Automotive News is even saying that another high-end nameplate will replace the MKS. Though, I’m not so sure on that way, with the Ford Taurus being basically dead in the United States.


So have no fear Mustang fans. We’ll be talking more about this shift in the coming days and weeks, but as it stands, the Mustang is staying put. Where it belongs.

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via [Automotive News]

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