Wild Ford-Powered Garwood, the Perfect Custom Candidate

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Garwood Bus

Aluminum-bodied, Flathead-powered, insanely-styled Garwood bus might be the only one left in existence. But we still want to hot rod it!

These days, wild and obscure vehicles are all the rage. Huge, heavy rides like buses and vintage heavy-duty haulers are favorites of the custom crowd, as they make perfect canvases for just about anything. But while we’ve seen our fair share of COEs and even bread trucks lately, we’ve never seen anything like this crazy 1938 Garwood bus that we spotted on eBay, a truly custom work of art.

If this contraption looks unique to you as well, there’s a good reason why. Only 100 of these Model D aluminum bodied buses were built, and the seller claims that this is one of the very few that still exist. Garwood is mostly known for their boat racing and runabout building endeavors. But the company also produced everything from hoists and winches to shovels and truck bodies. And, of course, buses.

The main goal of the Garwood bus enterprise was to construct something as light as possible. Built on a steel-tube monocoque chassis, the unique styled bus used a rear-mounted Ford Flathead V8 for power. Most of the suspension components also came from Ford, and the uniquely style front end was designed to improve air flow. Total weight came in at an impressive 6,000 pounds.

Garwood Bus

This particular Garwood bus doesn’t run, but it’s pretty darn complete. It spent most of its life in South Dakota, but many years of storage have preserved it quite nicely. The rareness of this Garwood bus obviously make it an excellent candidate for a full restoration. But we can’t help but dream of making it into some kind of awesome hot rod hauler. After all, those crazy lines might have been designed for superior aerodynamics, but they still look futuristic, even today!

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