This Is Why People Hate Chevy Drivers (Video)

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Truck-surfing Californian reminds us why Chevy drivers are the worst.

It’s no secret that Californians love to surf. But, we can honestly say that we’ve never seen anybody using a truck to surf — until now. This ballsy (stupid) guy decided to invent a new sport while riding down Interstate 15 in Corona, California this week. Unsurprisingly, his Chevy driver/accomplice didn’t stop him. Also unsurprisingly, the local authorities would like to gather a little more information about the incident, according to KTLA.

A concerned citizen captured the dancing-and-truck-surfing-dude on video while following the Chevy truck down the freeway. According to eyewitnesses the driver was traveling at speeds of around 30-mph, which is certainly fast enough to cause a bit of a rash, or, crack your skill, you know? Thankfully, and for our viewing pleasure, Mr. Gangnam Style dancing machine didn’t care about the possibility of injury one bit.

Chevy Drivers

Instead, our truck surfer survived the incident unscathed after diving back in the open window head first. No one suffered any physical harm following the incident, which is almost surprising. Warning: you might not be able to get the image of some guy grinding on a Chevy out of your mind after watching this video!

Way t go Chevy folks!

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