Ford GT: Who Got One and Who Didn’t? It May Surprise You

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Social presence or “influence” is as valuable as gold nowadays (if not more), thanks to a society and economy that revolves around reaching customers through the power of smartphones and social media platforms. Perhaps that explains why Ford chose to ignore some potential Ford GT owners, and chose other, rather, unorthodox ones.

Who Got One?

Obviously not everyone jumped on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to share their Ford Performance acceptance letters, but a lot of them did. Ultimately, that’s what Ford wants, for future owners to create lots of buzz around the GT.


It’s not a big surprise that amongst the lucky owners is Shmee150, who is perhaps the most popular car YouTuber in the world, and whose videos rack up millions of views from his legions of fans across the globe. Schmee brings a ton of exposure to Ford, and he can count on a GT of his own.

C.J Wilson


C.J Wilson isn’t only a baseball superstar, but he’s an avid race fan, car collector, and he also loves going on track days, meaning that most of his cars aren’t garage queens, they’re actually driven. Wilson can most likely bring lots of value to Ford, as one of their conditions for buying a GT is for their owners to actually drive them and not just baby them.



Canadian gear head and one of the most revered DJs in the entire globe, Deadmau5, recently confirmed he was one of the chosen ones by the blue oval. Deadmau5 isn’t only a car collector, but his recent split from Ferrari due to a lawsuit on behalf of the Italian manufacturer forced the DJ to pledge to never buying another Ferrari ever. The lawsuit happened over logo infringement on his customized Ferrari. I don’t doubt Ford loves the Ferrari-hatred one bit.

Who Didn’t Get One?



Mexican Instagram sensation, Salomondrin is a millionaire investor that’s become famous for his [email protected] attitude, but also for being a down to earth owner of a dozen or so super cars, including various Rolls Royces, a previous generation Ford GT, Porsche Carrera GT, Pagani Huayra, and many more to name. Salomondrin is the exact demographic Ford is after, yet he didn’t get one, and he wasn’t too happy about it. He even dedicated an entire web-episode to talk about how Ford is screwing their most loyal customers.

Jay Leno?


There are hundreds if not thousands of rejected applicants that we haven’t heard of, but nobody is quite sure about Jay Leno. Leno is known for being quite open and public about his vehicles, so the fact that he hasn’t share any news about an acceptance (or rejection letter), can only make us live in suspense until he does so. While I highly doubt Ford would screw Jay over, we could be in for a big surprise.

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