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  • Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a high-performance off-road truck that is incredibly capable in off-road environments – whether climbing or descending steep grades, pre-running in the desert or trail riding
  • F-150 SVT Raptor is appealing for all types of off-road situations, including sand, snow, mudding, trail riding and rock crawling as demonstrated by strong sales across the U.S.
  • Technologies such as Hill Descent Control™, electronic locking differential, AdvanceTrac® with RSC (Roll Stability Control™) and off-road mode help F-150 SVT Raptor excel off the pavement

DEARBORN, Mich., May 13, 2010 – Ford’s F-150 SVT Raptor is renowned for its high level of capability and for racing across the desert at speeds approaching triple digits. Perhaps not so apparent, however, is that it is built with all-around off-road prowess in mind.

Although F-150 SVT Raptor’s largest markets are in the deserts of Phoenix and Las Vegas, demand for this high-performance truck extends much further. Miami, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Orlando, Denver and Los Angeles are also top Raptor markets, where customers use the truck for mudding, trail riding and rock climbing.

"While conceptualizing Raptor, we didn’t want it to be a one-trick pony," said Jamal Hameedi, SVT chief nameplate engineer. "This truck lets you fly through mud holes, drive through water, glide over ditches and canyons, and handle high speeds like no other truck can."

Raptor is seven inches wider than a base F-150 to make room for the additional suspension components that give the SVT truck its incredible off-road abilities, and to deliver additional stability. Internal triple-bypass shocks by FOX Racing Shox – the first on a production truck – provide position-sensitive damping and extra suspension travel for extreme off-roading and a smooth ride on the road.

The Raptor also has unique cast-aluminum front control arms and SVT-tuned 35-inch BFGoodrich® All-Terrain TA/KO 315/70-17 tires. These components give Raptor 11.2 inches of front suspension travel and 12.1 inches of rear suspension travel. Running clearance is 11.2 inches and breakover height is 12 inches. Water fording depth is rated up to 30 inches.

Technologies help make it possible
F-150 SVT Raptor can handle just about any off-road terrain, and is loaded with other technologies to make sure it takes customers where they want to go.

"These technologies are key instruments in making F-150 SVT Raptor perform for all off-road enthusiasts," said Kerry Baldori, global performance chief functional engineer. "All of these features were developed to work with the driver to take them wherever they want to go."

For spirited trail driving, AdvanceTrac with RSC and off-road mode combine to deliver an exciting experience, all while ensuring safety systems keep the vehicle in check. Five available modes of AdvanceTrac with RSC give the driver flexibility for any terrain or condition.

AdvanceTrac with RSC also helps when extreme traction is required for such activities as rock crawling and mudding. This technology comes with a differential traction control feature, which helps deliver the engine’s torque to the wheels that have the most traction.

AdvanceTrac with RSC oversees the vehicle’s path using a sensor to detect and measure oversteer and understeer by monitoring vehicle speed, throttle position and steering wheel angle. When the system senses wheel slip or the loss of traction, it applies braking where needed to keep the truck tracking on its intended path.

There also are options for those who want even more vehicle control. By holding down a button, a driver can switch to two available settings – sport mode and full off-road mode. Sport mode optimizes traction control for acceleration and seamless torque control, allowing the driver to feel like they, rather than the system, are in control. Allowing the vehicle to have wider yaw thresholds, sport mode still will be active once the larger thresholds are met. Full off-road mode shuts off all electronic stability programs except for the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) – and even ABS switches to an off-road setting, allowing for more tire slip, which improves stopping distances.

Off-road mode engages a third throttle map and a third shift schedule for improved off-road performance. A third throttle map alters the throttle by changing the driver demand table so it is better suited to high- and low-speed off-road driving conditions. A third shift schedule is a unique strategy for the off-road environment; it holds the transmission in each gear for a longer period of time, allowing better engine throttle modulation to control the vehicle.

For customers looking to take their F-150 SVT Raptor on a more vertical route, Hill Descent Control helps get them there.

Hill Descent Control on F-150 SVT Raptor is Ford’s first application of the technology. Using ABS, the driver can control hill descent without applying the brakes. The speed is set for the truck to descend the hill by pushing a button, and allows for the driver to concentrate on driving, rather than on modulating the brakes on a steep decline. The system works for both moving forward or in reverse.

When taking on mud and rocks where maximum traction is required, a rear electronic locking differential helps deliver incredible performance. The electronic locking differential uses a true mechanical connection to lock the left and right rear axle shafts together so both turn at the same speed. This switch-controlled feature maximizes traction capability at the wheel, without having to stop the truck. Unlike other trucks on the market, the F-150 SVT Raptor’s differential can stay locked up to its 105-mph top speed.

An articulation index – or how much the suspension can twist – of 641 also helps in rock crawling by making sure the wheels remain in contact with the ground. The standard 4.10 rear axle ratio and standard six-speed automatic transmission help deliver a 45.13 crawl ratio. The combination of a long-travel suspension, 35-inch BFGoodrich tires, the electronic locking differential and heavy-duty skid plate provides F-150 SVT Raptor with surprising rock crawling capability.

Ford’s SVT engineers proved out Raptor’s all-around off-road capability in diverse conditions including mud, snow, sand and rocks at some of the toughest off-road locations including Moab in Utah and Drummond Island in Michigan.


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