Wheelieing Ford Explorer Wows Michigan Mud Bog Crowd!

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High-riding Ford mega truck nearly stands on its back bumper while rocketing across Perkins Mud Bog.

The Car Warz YouTube channel never disappoints in capturing some of the most extreme and extremely awesome feats ever performed on two or four wheels, and the channel’s latest clip is another winner sure to wow Ford truck enthusiasts. The clip features a Ford Explorer turning in some amazing mud runs at Perkins Mud Bog in Howell, Michigan. Many mud trucks pop the front wheels off of the ground on a hard launch or when they hit jumps, but this monstrous SUV carries the front wheels across the pit, digging through deep holes without letting the front end touch down. It is unlike any mud runs we have seen, and frankly, this video is nothing short of incredible!

Needless to say, the odds are good that nothing other than the body and maybe the frame came from the Ford factory, but watching this modified Explorer is a fun way to kill a few minutes during the work day.

Ford Explorer Popping a Wheelie

The First Run

When the video begins, the high-riding Ford Explorer appears to be sitting on dry ground directly in front of a group of spectators. The driver cracks the throttle a few times, causing the front end to bob a bit, but as soon as he hammers down and launches towards the pit, the front wheels pop up into the air. This wheelie is short, with the Explorer carrying the front wheels three or four feet off of the ground and the nose slams down when the Ford SUV hits the mud.

From there, the Explorer mud truck roars across the mud bog with all four wheels flinging slop into the air and the rig makes it to the far side without any drama.


Many mud trucks pop the front wheels off of the ground on a hard launch, but this monstrous SUV carries the front wheels across the pit without letting the front end touch down. And frankly, it’s nothing short of incredible!


On the second run, the Explorer takes a starting position to the right of the cameraman. As it roars into frame, the front wheels are already so high into the air that the big Ford is nearly standing on its rear hatch. The driver carefully feathers the throttle, keeping the front tires way up in the air as the Explorer digs through the mud, but when the back wheels hit a deep hole, it looks like the wheelie is over.

Explorer Huge Wheelstand

However, the driver plays with the throttle and keeps the front end up, traveling hundreds of feet without the front wheels touching the ground.

When the Explorer hits a big water hole, the front wheels splash down hard and the big, red Ford SUV continues to dig through the pit. It appears to get stuck near the edge, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this Ford Explorer mud truck dominates the mud bog with the front wheels up in the air, making for some of the most unique mud runs we have ever seen.

Ford Explorer Wheelie in Mud

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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