Ford Expedition or F-150 for a Family of Four?

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Ford Excursion

When you need something that can comfortably haul a family, a trailer, and go off-roading, what do you choose?

It’s no secret that we love the Ford Excursion around these parts. And so do our members. This massive, Super Duty-based SUV had everything you’d want in a real truck, because it was essentially a real truck. Not some kind of car-based crossover, which is much of what makes up today’s market. So it should come as no surprise that good, used Ford Excursion examples are in hot demand these days. But before Ford Truck Enthusiasts member joncrow dishes out the cash for one, he wisely headed to the forums for some advice.

“I currently drive a 2002 Expedition and I am wanting to make a change. However, I am stuck. I found a 2007 F-150 FX4 in my price range that I really like and a 2003 Excursion in the same price range that I really as well. I like them both pretty equally, as there are features I like on each. We are a family of four, so both would fit us fine. I have a small canoe trailer that I pull and like to go camping and on some off-roading trails (I would like to do more of that). Is the Excursion too big for that sort of thing? The one I’m looking at has much better clearance than the F-150. What do you like about your Ford Excursion?”

Ford Excursion

As much as we love our F-150s around here, most overwhelmingly recommend the big time ‘ute, including AlaskanEx.

“If you’re not carrying items that require a bed, the Ex is the way to go in my opinion. I have an Excursion and 2011 F-150 and they both do what they are supposed to do very well. The Ex is better in rough situations with better clearance then the F-150. The Excursion and Regular cab/8′ bed F-250 share the same 137″ wheelbase. On the other hand, my F-150 (crew cab short bed) has a 145″ wheelbase. For daily driving I find myself preferring the F-150 as it’s a bit smoother and more car-like in how it drives. But I did daily drive an Excursion from ’09-14 every day and loved every minute of it.”

EJL96PSD faces the dilemma many of us do. He loves the utility of a bed, but it’s tough to comfortably fit an expanding family in a crew cab pickup sometimes.

“I have a 2000 Ford Excursion. Absolutely love it and plan to have it for many, many years. But if I had the choice to have a truck bed I would. I had a truck for 16 years until kid #4 came, and then seats became the priority. My wife likes the Excursion better than a truck because everything is inside the vehicle. Name another vehicle that can seat 8 (or 9), has luggage space that can handle 8 or 9, has a diesel option with 4-low and is a 3/4 ton.

Width has been an issue a couple times for me off-roading. But that is any full size truck compared to a Jeep in my mind. It just depends on how crazy you want to get. It gets me everywhere I have needed to go but I play it more on the safe side meaning I don’t try and push things too hard. Got through a couple tricky situations that if I knew were coming I would have probably avoided.

The majority of off-roading has a lot more to do with experience in my mind, just like anything. A better off-roading machine just means you get stuck worse and further away right? The Ex is shorter than the F-350 crew long bed I used to have, so I could argue it does better than that off-road in the majority of situations. So I would vote truck unless you like more butts in seats and locked up dry space that is accessible from the cab.”

Ford Excursion

In the end, the OP took the forum’s advice and went with a 2008 Ford Excursion Limited packing the 6.8-liter V10. And we think he made the right choice. But still, we want to know what you think! Head over here and tell us which vehicle you think is best for a family of four (or more!).

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