How Far Would You Go to Get Your Ford Truck in the Garage?

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Our forum members share their ingenious methods for fitting their large Ford trucks in undersized garages!

Having a garage big enough to store your Ford truck in is obviously a nice thing. That covered space keeps it away from things like hail and other environmental evils like snow and ice. But there’s just one problem, of course. Trucks don’t really fit too well in most garages, especially older ones. So many of us are forced to take action. But Ford Truck Enthusiasts member TCNashville went a little further than most of us would, that’s for sure.

“Here’s what I had to do to my garage to get my new ’17 F-250 in it mainly because my driveway slopes down to the garage slightly. I was determined to get it to fit. The ’17 is quite a bit taller/longer than my ’12, which fit easily.

1. Adjust the garage door to its maximum height.
2. Cutout trim/wiper piece so cab lights would fit under the header.
3. Remove drywall and shave a wall stud so bumper would fit
4. Made a 4X4 “frame” to stop the truck exactly where I want. Then I let it roll off the 4X4’s and set the parking brake.
5. Installed a 21” antenna on the truck.

I realize this is absolute insanity. But that thing was going in there whether it liked it or not!”

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Of course, the OP isn’t the only one who’s gone to extreme lengths to fit their Ford truck in their garage. This thread is chock full of highly entertaining stories of those escapades.

“Gotta do what you gotta do,” says roadpilot.

“I have a 3 car attached garage. But I built a 24′ x 36′ three car detached garage (two story) for my toys, including my truck(s). I oriented the garage with the SHORT side @ the driveway and put two 8H x 9H doors on the end. Plus another 7H x 8W on one of the sides for lawn equipment coming and going, so that when I pull in the garage I have 36′ of depth.

For orientation, I installed a laser light that connects to the garage door opener. Open the GDO and the laser turns on for a minute. You park your vehicle in the garage EXACTLY where you want it, then you aim the laser beam to a recognizable spot on your dash. When I pull in the garage to park, I pull in just far enough so the laser beam shines in the exact same spot on my dash that I set it up for. That way, I know I’m EXACTLY where I need to be so I can safely close the door. No guesswork.”

We’re especially digging the rather clean work done by bertschb.

“I had to do something similar. Mine will only fit while backed into the garage. I used the 4×4 on the floor like you did so I back up as far as possible (actually into the rear wall). Then I have to set the parking brake or it will roll forward too far when I put it in park. I have about 1″ to spare when I close the garage door.”

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And that’s just the beginning of this highly entertaining thread. But we want to know, what crazy stuff have you done to make your Ford truck fit in your garage? Head over here and let us know, and be sure and check out everyone else’s handiwork!

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