Gimme Shelter: Forum Members Show off their Awesome Garages

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Ford Truck Garage

The only thing better than scoping out incredible Ford trucks is drooling over the garages they’re kept in.

If there’s one sacred space for any Ford truck fan, it’s the garage. This is the space that holds our tools, toys, and most importantly, trucks. And to be honest, we love scoping out other people’s garages as much as we enjoy checking out their rides. So we were obviously intrigued by this thread, started by Ford Truck Enthusiasts member flanneljunkie, asking for pictures of people’s garages. And the results obviously didn’t disappoint.

“I love all manner of garages, shops, sheds, carports, etc. Didn’t see a thread like this, so how about we have a place to show off some pictures? I recently had new 9×7 garage doors installed and opted to go with wall mount openers and 8′ rails to give me a bit more clearance inside the garage. I’m quite happy with the results and look forward to gutting the garage and getting some work done this summer. Anyway, let’s see your garage/shop pics!

Behold my simple 24×24 two car garage. I can fit an F-450 inside with about a half inch to spare. First two pics are the new doors, third pic is my mess needing organized, and fourth pic is a previous inhabitant (also shows the old doors with windows).”

Not a bad way to kick things off, we’d say. But acadianbob has some pretty cool occupants in his garage to show off, too.

Ford Truck Garage

RCR70ss might not have a Ford truck in his garage, but we’re blown away by his ultra-clean organizational skills. And his toys.

Ford Truck Garage

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