Seventies Ford Bronco was Built to Tackle Trails

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Ford Bronco

Far too many first-gen Ford Bronco builds we see these days are show ponies. But that sure isn’t the case with this ’71.

When Ford Truck Enthusiasts member 77&79F250 picked up a 1971 Ford Bronco nearly eight years ago, his plan was to wheel the thing. Little did we (and probably he) expect this project to turn into the exciting saga that it has become right before our eyes in the forums.

When he first brought this Bronco home, the fuel gauge didn’t work, and there were some other issues. But hey, at least it ran.

And there were some goodies installed by the previous owner, including a 289/C4, front disc brakes, power steering, transmission and power steering coolers, aluminum radiator, and electric fan. The OP started out by getting his new Ford Bronco running. And of course, getting it dirty.

Ford Bronco

When asked about his plans for the Bronco, the OP didn’t mince words. “Trailer queens and mall crawlers can always end up in the hands of someone who will use them in a different way. This rig has had a rough life and it is not going to get any easier in the near future.”

Adding a couple of toolboxes helped provide some space for tools and kept the mud out, sort of. And he just kept driving it, through snow, ice, mud, and pretty much anything else that got in this Ford Bronco’s way.

Ford Bronco

Later, the OP added a roll cage, which is nice when you want to keep your head attached to your shoulders. A couple of jump seats in the back and some new bumpers were next on the list, along with some new wheels. And the parts just kept flowing in.

Ford Bronco

As the years have passed, it’s been a pleasure watching this killer Ford Bronco come together. And the OP isn’t finished yet. Head over here to catch up on the last seven-plus years of adventures and progress. And stay tuned for what the future holds!

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