What’s New with the 2019 Super Duty?

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2019 Super Duty

FTE members discuss the changes we might see on the 2019 Super Duty. And even the ones beyond that!

In the old days, trucks stayed essentially the same for years. These days, a scorching hot market chock full of competition necessitates continuous innovation. Things like convenience and safety features, technology, and even styling change on nearly an annual basis, with total redesigns happening every few years. So it should surprise no one that Ford Truck Enthusiasts member NWnative is already wondering what’s going to change when the 2019 Super Duty hits the market. And judging by this thread, pretty much everyone else is, too!

“Near the end of this year, I plan to order a 2019 Super Duty F-250 with the 6.2 gasser and 4.30 gears. I realize the 18s just hit the market. However, in about 6 or 7 months, the switch to the 19s will be upon us. Anyone hear of any changes coming to the 2019s? One I heard was that the front grill/lighting will be changed to look more like the new 2018 F-150. Have also heard rumors of a 10-speed transmission that may be related to a possible 7.x engine on the way. Possibly for 2020. So what’s the word on the street for 2019?”

2019 Super Duty

The responses came hot and heavy after that, and they’re pretty enticing to say the least. Including the rumors fordmantpw dishes up.

“Latest I heard is the 10-speed is supposed to start production in Q3/Q4 2019 which would make it a 2020 model. I would also expect a facelift, the 7.xL, and 1,000+ ft-lbs out of the PS for 2020. I doubt we’ll see much in store for 2019, which begins production in ~5-6 months.”

All of which makes pretty good sense, since the 10-speed tranny is the future. And jnuechte might just have the inside track on that info.

“Spoke to a friend who works in Super Duty powertrain integration. He confirmed the 10-speed is headed to production for the 2020 model year which hits the lots in August 2019. I said I need to purchase a 2019 to avoid any issues with the 10 speed development, but he assured me it’s awesome. But I am not sold. I am going 2019 regardless.

Either way, the point of the above info is to say the big updates will happen in 2020. I doubt much will happen in 2019. I still have my fingers crossed for a B&O stereo, WiFi, and FordPass.”

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