Obscure 1948 Ford Marmon-Herrington Step Van Surfaces!

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Not even the most unique Marmon-Herrington find on the planet can stump these Ford Truck Enthusiasts!

Many fans of vintage Ford trucks are quite familiar with the name Marmon-Herrington. The American-based manufacturer has built everything from tanks to trolleybuses over the years. But we know them best for their partnership with Ford. Before the Blue Oval was building four-wheel drive vehicles in-house, Marmon-Herrington was doing it for them. But the dynamic duo also cranked out some pretty cool commercial vehicles, too. Like this amazingly obscure 1948 Ford step van conversion spotted by uknunn.

“Trying to see if anyone knows anything about this model 1948 Ford Marmon-Herrington. I’ve looked all over the internet, and nothing. I found one picture of a milk van. How rare is it?”


Well, according to resident expert truckdog62563, pretty darn rare, indeed.

“It’s the only one I’ve seen. With the special body, winch, tow hooks, wheels like I’ve never seen, and military NDT tires it was special ordered for some serious purpose. I’m gonna assume F-3, but it’s hard to tell the truck’s wheelbase from an angle. A 122” would be F-2/F-3, and 134” would be F-4/F-5. Do you know if it’s a 1948, or could it be a 1949 or 1950? Being that it’s a CA truck, it could have been a geological survey truck, utility company service vehicle, or similar.

Is there M-H badging that you can post the numbers from, as well as the truck’s serial number? And if it is yours and you can get under it, please see if you can find a prominent three or four digit number stamped into the long tube of the front axle. F-3 M-Hs’ front axles are numbered and seemingly installed in number order. I’ve kept an archive of those found that might help give an idea of its year.”


An eagle-eyed member notices the F-4 badge, which solves that mystery. And gives our resident expert more to go by!

“That F-4 badge makes it even more unique. I think I’ve only come across one other F-4 M-H. It is a school bus. The other pictures show that it has the two-speed transfer case. The M-H model number would be R4-4.

Got an email from one of our M-H guys about the wheels. They look like F-2 M-H style Budd 47210s. But if I’m seeing right they have split outer rings. The 47210 has the Firestone RHP solid ring rim. So it sent me back to the books. Budd shows two SRW style 16” wheels having the Goodyear LTS split ring type rims. Number 68210 has a 6.00G outer rim, and number 60670 has a 6.50H rim. We’ve never come across these before. But it makes sense that the bigger model truck would get a wider set of rims.”

Fascinating, indeed. It sure looks like the OP found himself a pretty rare and incredibly interesting Marmon-Herrington! We’re also learning more and more about the vintage truck in this thread by the day, so head over here for the latest!

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