What’s up in the Forums: Killer 2015 Ford F-350 Build Takes Shape

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Ford F-350

After an undocumented Super Duty build, one FTE member is determined to do it right this time!

If there’s anything we never get tired of seeing, it’s build threads. Each one a unique expression of someone’s taste, coming together with a lot of effort and determination. We’re also amazed at the skill our members possess, seemingly doing the impossible and persevering despite the many pitfalls that threaten to end their build before it even begins. But in the case of Ford Truck Enthusiasts member 06greenstroker and his 2015 Ford F-350, it ain’t exactly his first rodeo.

Ford F-350

“Figured I’d start my own build thread so that I can keep track of all the mods I do on this truck for myself as well as anyone that likes to follow or view these types of threads. I wish I had done this with all the mods I did on my 2006 F-250 but I failed to really keep a running thread on another forum. Just posted on ‘pic threads’ and ‘what did you do to your truck threads’ as I went.”

When the new truck itch began, the OP replaced his ’06 with a lightly used Ford F-350 with the Lariat Ultimate package. Living in the midwest necessitated a few quick and easy mods, which consist of WeatherTech mats and front seat protectors. And then the fun began with a 3.5″ ReadyLIFT SST kit. Which gave the truck a much needed injection of altitude.

Ford F-350

Other suspension mods include sway bar drop brackets, track bar reposition, bump stop drop, and radius arm brackets. A Rancho steering stabilizer kit was on order, along with a set of 35×12.5R20 Firestone Destination MTs to fill up that newfound wheel well space. In the meantime, the mods just kept coming. First a DeeZee tailgate assist, then some ForScan software. And the new tires proved to be a big time visual upgrade on the stockers.

Ford F-350

Winter was rearing its ugly head by now, which slowed progress. But the OP kept chugging along.

“Replaced the 4wd front valance with the 2wd version. Simple/easy install other than the stupid plastic snap in plugs. Left them out for now – fingers were too darn cold to mess with them anymore.”

Next, it was on to some window vents and rear LED lighting, in spite of some snow. Then, a 20% tint and smoked lenses for the mirror-mounted turn signals and roof lights. LED lighting made the interior ten times brighter (at least). And then, the good stuff. Despite being hit with some germs, the OP decided to rip out the old stock exhaust and get to work installing a 4″ Flo-Pro setup!

Ford F-350

With the truck sounding like a truck again, the OP pressed on by installing a set of No Limit EGR block plates. Then, LED bed lighting to illuminate things under the tonneau cover. As the weather improved, things began to speed up. The OP installed an NL stage 2 intake and an on-board air compressor. Because who doesn’t want air horns on their Ford F-350? And, of course, a sweet looking Raptor-esque front grille.

Ford F-350

But then, summer fun got in the way and the build stalled for a bit. But not before the OP got his hands on a set of 20×10 Fuel Hostage wheels and some other fancy bits. Including a rear air bag setup, which just went on!

And that’s where things sit as of now, but the OP isn’t finished yet! You can keep up (or catch up) with his build by heading over here. As will we, because we can’t wait to see how this thing progresses over the next winter or two!


Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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