Junkyard Ford Excursion Rescue!

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Ford Excursion

This 2002 Ford Excursion was headed toward a premature death. But one determined FTE member wasn’t about to let that happen!

The Ford Excursion might be long gone by now, but our love for the giant ‘ute has never wavered. The same can be said for the folks at Ford Truck Enthusiasts. And we never get tired of seeing these beasts rescued and saved from inevitable (and premature) death. The latest is this 2002 Ford Excursion, which Greenscobie86 scored from a local junkyard. But it isn’t even this hero’s first Excursion save.

“Since my other build thread gave me so much inspiration, I went and bought another Ex the other day. This one is a 2002 V10 Limited with 99k miles. Took a hit in the rear quarter panel and the tow hitch. Looking forward to making this another build thread like my previous one. A few quick pics don’t tell the whole story. This truck is nice, but more rusty than my white one. It will be a project for sure.”

Ford Excursion

But as you would imagine for a junkyard truck, there were some opportunities to be found.

“Had some time to look over the truck today, happy to report good news and some bad.


-One owner truck, all books/manuals/mats present
-Drives way better than my white 2003, feels more solid and powerful
-Rear captains chairs
-New Warn hubs installed
-Brand new steering stabilizer installed
-All new COPs
-Appears to have been well taken care of


-Rear view mirror milky
-DVD system appears to be dead
-6CD changer throws error
-LH 3rd row seatbelt torn
-Leaky exhaust
-Rusty running boards/rear rocker panels”

The biggest problem, of course, was the rust. And as we all know, rust is typically even worse than it looks at first.

Ford Excursion

After working to sort out all the little niggling problems, the OP located a hitch from another FTE member. And after finally removing the running boards, it was clear that things weren’t as bad as they could have been. Thankfully!

“Started taking off the running boards and sizing up the level of work to be done. Funny enough, the rocker panels/inner rockers/supports are all fine from the back doors forward. Even the rocker seam is good, go figure. Will be making a patch panel for the dogleg area behind the doors and probably welding in angle iron to the inner rocker panel for running board mounts. Since the old boards are rusted to hell, I picked up some black tubular Smittybilt nerf bars to put on.”

Ford Excursion

But with the help of a friend, the OP jumped into the rust repair head first.

“Have been working on this truck slowly with a buddy (mostly him since I don’t have time) and it’s slowly coming along. Some photos of the right side below. Still need to finish the left side + body work + paint and lambaste the whole underside with some undercoating/seam sealer. A lot of work but she’s getting there.”

Ford Excursion

The most encouraging part about the entire story is that the OP is determined to save this old Ford Excursion. And he’s not letting the rot damper his mood or motivation!

“The rust sucks for sure, but it is what it is. I bought the truck sight unseen so I had to make lemonade out of lemons. I appreciate the praise. This rig drives extremely nice and has low miles so I felt like it was worth saving.”

So he just kept chugging away at it.

“Did a lot today. Flap disc/wire wheel/wire brush/scraped the rockers and repair section under the truck. Applied some rust converter, then blasted some Raptor UPOL on the affected areas and wheel wells to pretty them up a bit. Also polished out the color blend on the left side of the truck. The right quarter will need to be wet sanded and cut/buffed another day. Then I moved on to mounting the cladding, made sure to use all new hardware. Had some challenges as the newly built doglegs are not quite the same EXACT shape as the originals, but I made it work.”

Ford Excursion

Impressive work, indeed. And after a good bath and the new nerf bars, the once forgotten Ford Excursion was looking pretty darn good.

Ford Excursion

But this project isn’t done, not by a long shot! Future plans include some bigger wheels and tires, as well as finishing up all the remaining to-do list items. You can follow along as this junker Ford Excursion slowly comes back to life by heading over here. And be sure and drop some encouraging words for the OP while you’re there!

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