What’s the Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Done with Your Truck?

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Ford Super Duty Backs into Airbus Virgin America Jetliner in Seattle

One of our editors here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts used his iPhone to capture the “Built Ford Tough” demonstration you see above.

Specifically, the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport employee backed his Super Duty into a Virgin America Airbus A320 to give airline passengers crystal-clear evidence that a Ford truck is tough enough to bring their mornings (and lives) to a screeching halt by grounding a commercial passenger jet. This all happened on a Monday morning following Easter, so maybe we can label this one “Stupidity by Hangover.”

Now, we all know Ford trucks are tough, but maybe this wasn’t the best time to have demonstrated a Ford truck’s capabilities to the general public, especially when the “demonstration” extended people’s time in the terminal by five hours.

The way I figure it, this airport employee who poked a hole into a jet engine probably still has a job. In a similar story that was posted today on Jalopnika commenter posted the Air Force reprimand letter below, which appears to be quite lenient considering the offender crashed a van into a plane.

Reprimand for Truck Crashing into Plane Home

Maybe our jet-poking friend in Seattle was as lucky as the recipient of the letter above, or maybe his supervisor realized the stupidity of the matter and fired the guy on the spot. Seriously, how the hell do you back into a commercial jet? That’s almost as bizarre of a mistake as tripping over the Space Needle.

Can you top this airline employee’s dumb move? What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done with your truck?

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Here’s the video that accompanied that Jalopnik story. You may find yourself watching it several times.

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