What To Expect from the Next-Generation F-150

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Ford Truck Enthusiasts are always speculating about what the next generation F-150 might feature. Periodically, Ford will overhaul the F-150 design and make larger, more significant changes to the internal and exterior structure of the vehicle. This is typically a time at which the company will make changes to internal components like the engine and transmission, or significant structural changes to the body of the vehicle, like altering the seating or door configuration.

Obviously, the F-150 doesn’t need to change much at the moment, since it’s already the most popular truck in the world. But to stay on top, Ford has always been an innovator. Read on for an overview of some of the possible innovations being discussed about the next generation of Ford F-150 trucks in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts’ forums.

Changes to Weight

Forum user 640 CI Aluminum FORD speculates that Ford might make significant changes to the composition of many of the body components of its F-150, resulting in a significant loss of weight for the vehicle. By using aluminum and magnesium materials for many of the body parts, the vehicle weight could be reduced by as much as 1000 pounds, thereby affecting not only the fuel efficiency, but the emissions of the vehicle as well.

Changes to Engine

A number of other members in the forums have suggested that Ford might make changes to the engines available for the F-150 in its next generation. One of the most popular suggestions is that Ford make the 6.2 liter engine available in a wider variety of packages for the vehicle, as it is currently offered in only a limited selection of heavy duty and high-end packages. By separating out the engine from the existing packages, Ford would give owners a significant increase in flexibility to design their own vehicles to their specific needs.

Interior Changes

There are a host of potentially small interior changes that Ford could make to subsequent versions of the F-150. Many owners have complained about the power windows, expressing a desire for one-touch window controls for all four of the main cabin windows. Other owners hope for an improved rear view camera for when the truck is moving in reverse. One of the larger changes that many owners expect for the interior of the vehicle is a modification of the cabin storage space. Some owners hope for a larger storage area in the fold-down arm rest of the bench seat and a higher, raised arm rest that is larger in size than previous models.

No matter what the changes to the new generation of the Ford F-150, customers can rest assured that the new trucks will offer the latest technologies. As always, there is much speculation as to what changes will come, but there is one truly safe bet: the best truck on the market will only get better.

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