What is the difference between an F250 and an F350 (2003-2004)

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There are 3 differences between the SRW 250/350…
1) F-250 vs F-350 badges
2) 2" rear spacer block in 250 vs 4" in the 350
3) *most important* GVWR for F350 SRW is 9900 in most states and the F250
8800 in most states.
From 99 to mid 2001 the srw trucks came with a Dana 50, Ford started using
the Dana 60’s on all F250/350’s from mid 01 to present ,the front axle is
identical on both trucks, including springs.
Springs in the Source Book are EXACTLY the same:
Front Leaf 250/350
3600lb 1.12"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 350(deflection)
4000lb 1.18"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 370(deflection)
4400lb 1.18"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 390(deflection)
4800lb 1.18"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 410(deflection)
5200lb 1.18"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 430(deflection)
6000lb 1.25"(thickness) 55.63"(length) 3.00"(width) 470(deflection)
Rear Leaf 250/350
6830lb 6(leaves) 3.86(thickness @ pad) 58.1"(length) 3.00"(width)
320/670/1209(deflection lbs/sq") 3603([email protected] lbs/spring)
Rear leaf DRW
8250lb 6(leaves) 3.95(thickness @ pad) 58.1"(length) 3.00"(width)
350/730/0(deflection lbs/sq") 4187([email protected] lbs/spring)

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