What Ford is Doing to Make the 2017 Escape a Quality Vehicle

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2017 Ford Escape

Despite the numerous recalls – from the one covering its engine wiring harness splices to the one concerning its body control module – in which the Ford Escape has been included, it’s actually Ford’s second most popular vehicle in the U.S. (next to the F-Series, of course).

2017 Ford Escape

To keep that streak going with the redesigned 2017 Escape, Ford uses various quality control processes at its 3.7-million-square-foot Louisville, Kentucky plant that’s been producing Escapes since the 2013 model year. Computer-guided robotic arms put doors and liftgates in place on Escape bodies to ensure that they fit more tightly with body panels. Velocity sensors determine the amount of force needed to shut the Escape’s doors so engineers can tune them to require minimal effort from customers. A variety of lasers scan the Escape to check if the gaps between body panels are within two to four millimeters. A 14-person team examines numerous areas – from the electronics to the engine – of each Escape by eye and hand to improve overall vehicle quality.

2017 Ford Escape

You all will be able to tell if all of these procedures are worth the effort when the 2017 Ford Escape arrives in dealerships this May. If we get our hands on it before then, we’ll be sure to bring you our impressions of the newest version of Ford’s best-selling SUV.

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