Westport Announces Option for CNG Super Duties

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by Marcus Slater 

Half the fun of having a big truck is bragging about the single digit MPG numbers, right? No? Well, future Super Duty owners will have the option buying a truck with better MPG, as Ford and Westport have announced a partnership to produce trucks powered with compressed natural gas.

The "Wing Power System" is bi-fuel capable, meaning equipped trucks can alternate between CNG and gasoline easily. Their press release leads us to believe they’re marketing this new system towards fleets, which is interesting, considering that Ram announced a similar vehicle with a similar purpose earlier today. The only real difference in approach is that Ford is allowing consumers to buy these trucks, where Ram is not.

If anything, this is trend towards CNG means automakers are feeling the pressure to improve the gas mileage in their trucks by all means. Sure, it’s not the best option for the consumer, but for business and fleets, the reduction in fuel costs and emissions isn’t a bad deal.

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