Wealthy Gen-Xers Choose to Throw Their Ample Amounts of Cash at the Ford Explorer Sport

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Back when the original Ford Explorer launched in the early 1990s, the people of Generation X (born between 1965 and 1978) were kids, college grads, and everything in between. They probably had posters of Lamborghini Diablos and Ferrari Testarossas on their bedroom walls. Now that they’re older, what sort of vehicles do they buy? Believe it or not, a lot of them get the Ford Explorer Sport.

A new vehicle customer study performed by MaritzCX shows that in the non-luxury SUV segment in the US, the Explorer Sport has the highest percentage of Gen X buyers: 40 percent. They’re well off, too. About one out of every four buyers identifies themselves as a “specialty professional.” According to Ford, “Average household income for a buyer of Explorer Sport is $175,000, versus $112,000 for the average midsize SUV buyer, the [MaritzCX] study reveals.”

Unlike their Baby Boomer parents, Gen X buyers don’t go for flashy rolling displays of their financial success. In their peak earning years, between the ages of 47 and 54 years old, they tend to prefer more practical, family-oriented vehicles. (Perhaps when a Gen X Explorer Sport owner goes to visit their parents, they park their vehicle next to a pricier, more luxurious Explorer Platinum.)

If you’re a member of Generation X and you want to put a 2017 Explorer Sport in your driveway, it’ll cost a minimum of $45,205*.

*Price excludes destination and delivery, taxes, title and licensing fees

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