We Want a Remote Controlled Life-Sized Truck for Christmas!

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Remote Controlled Volvo Piloted by 4 Year Old

While this video doesn’t actually feature a Ford truck in it, it’s still too darn cute to share. A British kid gets to┬ápilot the ultimate remote controlled toy by taking a Volvo truck and driving it through an obstacle course, demolishing everything.

At 4-years-old, Sophie isn’t the most accurate of remote-controlled-life-sized-Volvo-truck driving, but she’s pretty good as she goes on a destructive war path. Honestly, it’s exactly what we would do if we were given the opportunity.

Speaking of, if Ford wants to go ahead and do this out of a F-650 or F-750 and invite us along to play, that’d be absolutely fine by us!

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via [Jalopnik]

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