We Need the New Ford Ranger NOW!

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Happy New Year everyone! With the changeover of the calendar, we’ll now officially start seeing 2017 vehicles go on sale here in the United States. That means that some, if not all, of the concepts we see this year will be 2018 models. If what you read on the Internet to be true, then we might see the new Ford Ranger at some auto show, some point this year.

And honestly, it can’t come soon enough.


Over the break, I’ve been in a fullsize pickup truck (a Toyota Tundra, but that’s not what’s important here). Driving it, like every other big truck, I’m reminded just how big trucks actually are these days. While I can maneuver a half-ton (or larger) pickup truck without issue, I sometimes can’t help but think how much easier it is to do it in a midsize truck.

Yes, most midsize trucks these days aren’t really that much smaller than their half-ton counterparts, but even so, it’s an appreciable difference when you’re driving through a parking lot, going to the bank, or picking up some Whataburger.

On paper, a lot of the midsize trucks don’t seem to make a lot of sense. With incentives, most full-size trucks fall into the same price points as the midsize trucks. Why wouldn’t you buy a fullsize truck if you could?

It’s an argument that I make myself to the representatives from the companies building these midsize offerings, and they constantly tell me that midsize truck buyers aren’t the same customers as fullsize. The sales numbers seem to back up that claim, since General Motors is selling more trucks now than ever across the board, and not just the midsize offerings.

2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

Midsize trucks offer additional benefits than just size. They generally are more fuel efficient, as well. If you look at the new Colorado and Canyon (granted, with the diesel engines), their highway fuel economy is into the 30s. For a family truck that is used everyday, that’s a nice thing to have.

At this point, with the success of the midsize trucks from Chevrolet, GMC, and Toyota, I believe that Ford is leaving money on the table by not offering the Ranger here in the United States.


That’s not to say Ford hasn’t been busy. It was by no means an easy task to launch the all-aluminum body 2015 F-150. It was also not easy to apply that technology to the new Super Duty that’ll launch this year as a 2017 model. Even one of the largest automakers on the planet can’t roll out an infinite number of vehicles at any given time.

But, for the Ford Truck folks, the Ranger should be next. Ford has several different, and excellent, engines already available to drop in the new truck. Ford is also good with offering technology to set the Ranger apart from the crowd.

Until I get official word a new Ranger is coming, I’m still holding my breath on the idea of the new truck. But the signs are pointing the right direction, and maybe if enough people wish it on the Internet, it’ll come true.

It’d sure be nice to have a new Ranger, and the sooner the better!

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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