Watch This Ford F-250 Touch the Sky

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FTE Jump

Sometimes it is hard to understand why someone would choose to jump an F-250 or an F-350 versus, say, an F-150 or a Ranger. After all, these larger rigs are heavier and don’t always seem to be the best candidates when compared to their smaller, and lighter, counterparts.

But, to be honest, we really don’t care too much about the reasoning. Plenty of amazing jumps happen when you put someone behind the wheels of some of the monstrous rigs (well, for the F-250 it is more of an amazing landing than the jump itself!).

When it comes down to it, it really is is just fun to see a Ford rig get some air, and it always makes it more exciting when perfectly modified rides take the the sand dunes that are made for off-road motorsport, just to show off what they can really do.

This video shows a perfectly made F-250 jumping at Gordons Well Sand Dunes in California, and it looks like an absolute blast. This rig gets tons of air and lands well on the soft sand, where we presume the driver with turn back around and proceed to jump some more before calling it a day. These dunes often equate to loads of fun, and I’m sure all of us who don’t live near any are cringing in jealously right about now.

Check out the video below and watch this F-250 touch the sky — you won’t be disappointed!

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