Watch Storm Chasers Using Fords to Save Lives

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It takes a special kind of person to willingly put themselves in danger, all in the name of helping others. It’s even more impressive and courageous when these people are doing it for free as volunteers. Ben McMillan and Zach Sharpe are a pair of storm chasers based in Ohio, and they put their lives on the line to warn others of the dangers coming from powerful storms.

Ford storm

Of course, if you are going to do something this dangerous and demanding, you need a vehicle that can cope with the rigors of tornado weather, so obviously you would choose a Ford. This video from Ford takes a look at how both gentleman are “going further” and it features the use of a modified Explorer. The Explorer actually makes a pretty great storm chase vehicle thanks to its capable AWD system, powerful engine choices and it’s impressive interior space. You need a place to store all that equipment after all.

The video is a little long for what is an advertisement video, but it’s a great look at two young men who are defying nature to keep others safe, and they are doing it all with Ford.

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