Watch Robots Beat Up the Ford F-150 for Your Benefit

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Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Robotic Torture Testing

Americans are as hungry for Ford F-150s as they are for hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza. Walk along the Ford F-150 production line in Michigan, and you’ll see an infographic mounted on a handrail that reads, “In 8 hours, Dearborn Truck Plant can manufacture enough vehicles to stretch bumper to bumper for over 2 miles.” Ford is well-equipped to feed F-150-hungry Americans, but just like how food has to be of proper quality, Ford’s meat-and-potatoes product has to be dependable and reliable for its myriad customers.

Thanks to the help of robots, which are very good at simulating years of wear and tear in a matter of days, it’s easier to be sure of a truck’s reliability. As you saw in the remote-controlled F-150 article from a few days ago, robots also prevent humans from having to endure the bodily wear and tear associated with conducting vehicle torture tests.

Fun Fact: It takes 10 hours to build one Ford F-150.

via [The Fast Lane Truck]

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