Watch This Hilariously Drunk Person Fall Out of His Truck

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trunkSomewhere in South Carolina, there’s an owner of a hair salon getting quite a bit of attention on her personal Facebook page – for all the wrong reasons. Last week, Jeannie Reeves uploaded a video of a drunk guy in a truck to the social media site.

Unlike most footage involving automobiles and inebriated people, the clip below doesn’t show the guy behind the wheel. He’s in the bed and through the driver’s door window.

We’re not sure how it happened or what led up to this moment in this man’s life. Maybe he got dumped or perhaps it’s just because it’s a Tuesday. We’ll never know. Judging from the video, it definitely seems as if something took a drastic left turn for this dude and that he consumed massive amounts of alcohol.

It’s fairly funny, but we’re hoping that the guy wasn’t allowed to drive away. He’s way too drunk to not only operate a vehicle, but to even use a door properly.

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