LS-Powered Raptor Race Truck Leaps Over a Hot Rod (Video)

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LS7-powered 1969 Ford Prerunner masquerading as Raptor makes jumping over vehicles seem like an easy task.

For enthusiasts that aren’t up to date on their off-roading trucks, prerunners are heavily-modified machines that are used to drive through an off-road course before race teams with their purpose-built, incredibly expensive machines tackle the course. Since prerunners don’t really compete in any class, they can be as crazy as shops desire. In a recent video, TheHoonigans got a special look at Darren Parsons’ Ford prerunner and the truck’s nuts.

Ford Prerunner

While the pickup may look like a modern Ford F-150 Raptor, the vehicle is actually based on the chassis of a ’69 Ford F-100 and utilizes a Ranger cab. Don’t judge a book by its cover, because this thing will fool even the best when it comes to its exterior styling. Why use such an old vehicle? The answer, as Parson puts it, is because of the truck’s I-Beam suspension. The setup, obviously, has been heavily upgraded, but the basics are still there.

The truck, as one would expect, has loads of upgrades to ensure that it can run on any type of terrain. But it would take us numerous pages to get through it all. One of the major components that helps the truck do its thing, though, is the beastly engine that sits beneath the lightweight hood. Power comes from an upgraded LS7 that cranks out between 680 and 700 horsepower, depending on what type of terrain the truck is running on.

Ford Prerunner

With that kind of power on tap, the truck can do some pretty crazy stuff. TheHoonigans put the truck to the test by setting up a ramp and letting the prerunner fly off of it, leaping over a hot rod. At one point, the truck manages to cover 34 feet in a jump and easily breezes over the hot rod, which is 52-inches tall. That’s an impressive feat, especially with the amount of room the truck had to get up to speed.

Have an old truck? Take notes, because with enough money and time, you might be able to turn it into a monstrous prerunner like the truck in the video above.

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