Watch a Drag Racing Ford Lightning Tear Up an Import Crowd

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1,900-horsepower “Yeti” terrorizes the field at Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals, running 7s and drawing huge cheers.

“It’s just a good truck. I love it; it’s my heart and soul,” drag racing Jimmy Dolan tells BigKleib34 about “The Yeti,” his 2004 Ford Lightning.

We’ll say it’s a good truck. Dolan built it for some badass drag-racing action and we don’t know of many Lightnings that have run quicker than low 7s.

2004 Ford SVT Lightning Drag Racing

Dwarfing most of its competition, Yeti became a crowd favorite at the 2017 Haltech Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals. When Dolan broke into the 7.10s on Saturday morning, the crowd went absolutely ballistic. And why shouldn’t they? You don’t see trucks pushing 190 miles per hour in the quarter-mile every day.

You may notice the circular twin cutouts in the front bumper. If you’ve been around drag racing much, you’ll know those draw air to a pair of turbos. In this case, twin Bullseye 88-millimeter turbos feed the beastly 400 cubic-inch Small-Block Ford Racing V8.

With a KBX Performance tune and Haltech engine management, Dolan estimates the combination makes up to 1,900 horsepower at the crank. The truck weighs 3,400 pounds with Dolan in the car and it tracks right down the middle of the groove. Dolan credits Mark Menscer shocks with getting the truck down the drag strip so smoothly.

The Yeti qualified 11th in the deep Radial vs. Modified class at the World Cup Finals with a 7.165. In the first round, Dolan steamrolled Katelyn Ramos’ rotary-powered Starlet with a jaw-dropping 7.12 run, his quickest ever.

In the second round, however, the Yeti lost to Rafaelito Rivera’s 6-second Mazda RX-8, which would go on to win the class with a stack of 6.60- and 6.70-second timeslips. Still, Dolan eclipsed 190 milers per hour in that final pass.

We don’t know what it would take to put the Lightning into the 6s, but we sure hope that is on Jimmy Dolan’s radar.

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