Watch the Ford Fusion Drive Itself in the Dark

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ford fusion drive itself

As we reported before, Ford is hard at work developing autonomous driving systems, and the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid has been their trusty testing mule through the majority of this tests.

Ford’s most recent autonomous driving test proves that the Ford Fusion has been eating its carrots at dinner time! Though still under development, Ford’s LIDAR system, in conjunction with 3-D maps, and the Fusion’s other software and radar systems is able to navigate windy roads at night and with its headlights off. Don’t believe it? Watch the video.

The recent film shows the autonomous crew at Ford’s Arizona proving grounds, working in pitch black conditions, wearing military-style night vision goggles, and even hopping onboard the Fusion while trusting it to navigate itself through the windy test track without any lights, throttle, brake or steering input whatsoever.

Ford recently completed winter weather autonomous testing at their facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where it was their radar and LIDAR system again that were put to the test to recognize snow banks and even falling snow in order to adjust autonomous driving parameters.

It seems that for Ford and many other manufacturers are running autonomous testing at full steam.

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