Watch a Ford Escape Race in an Off-Road Course…Sort Of

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The crowd cheered, laughed, and then groaned as the Escape hobbled to the finish.

Let’s be honest, if you were to name the toughest, most beastly Ford vehicles out there, you would probably start with their F-Series trucks, like the Raptor or something with a big diesel engine. After that, you could probably talk about those vintage Broncos. Then perhaps, after a little bit, you’ll get to the Explorer. But where does the Ford Escape rank on your list? Probably not very high, right?

Well, with that being said, we present to you one of the best off-roading videos you’ll see today, compliments of YouTuber MidnightMadness4x4. Looking at this Ford Escape running in the recent STORM Tuff Trucks race in Bath, New York, you might be thinking, “This must be some modified Escape.” Wrong. While the SUV looks a little rough on the outside, you wouldn’t glance twice passing this vehicle on the road or waiting in line to pick up the kids at school. This is your mom’s Escape.

Escape STORM Tuff Trucks

And well, it definitely runs the track. It’s not graceful. It’s not fast. And yes, parts of the exterior are falling off towards the end. However, the Escape does it, and hell, it even gets a little air a couple times!

The best part of the run has to be on the back half, when the Escape has already gone over a few bumps and the windshield wipers accidentally come on. The commentator makes fun of the truck, and the crowd laughs. Then, immediately after, the Escape hits another bump, with the bumper beginning to fall off. The crowd immediately groans. It’s almost as if they’re watching their kid come in last place in the school track meet. I swear I can hear a lady say, “Bless his heart.”

No matter the outcome, you have to give recognition to the vehicle and the driver. The Escape showed up, raced the track, and survived to race another day. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll look at those Escapes on the road a little differently next time. Eh, probably not.

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