How Far Have Ford Trucks Come in 68 Years? Watch!

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There’s nothing like a good comparison between a ’50 F-1 and a ’18 F-150 to see that cars were better in the past.

The best-selling vehicle in the United States is the Ford F-Series, but that’s not exactly a secret or a fact that’s hard to dig up. Ford’s lineup of F-Series trucks started back in 1948 with the F-1, which was aptly named for being a half-ton pickup truck. From a modern standpoint, there’s a lot that’s missing with the old F-1, including airbags, ABS, stability control, no synchros between first and second gear, and, well you get the point. But how does the first pickup truck compare to Ford’s latest? That’s what The Fast Lane Truck looks to answer.

F-1 vs F-150

In a new video, TFL Truck compares a 2018 Ford F-150 to a 1950 F-1. And while the new pickup is obviously the better choice, because it has things like working air conditioning, seating for five, a ton of safety features, and a powertrain that makes good power and can also get good fuel economy figures, the old truck has something that the new one doesn’t: charm.

As The Fast Lane Truck found, the F-1, with its flathead V8 that was good for 100 horsepower and three-speed manual gearbox, is fun and comfortable to drive. Ford doesn’t even make a manual gearbox any more, which is a shame. The pickup may not be fast, but, as the outlet claims, is smooth, sounds great, and is really comfortable. As TFL Truck states, when you’re driving the F-1, there’s a “sense of the open road” that’s missing from the new F-150.

F-1 vs F-150

The biggest, most obvious difference, though, as the video claims, is the fundamental thinking behind the machines. Modern pickups are developed and designed from the get-go to be do-it-all machines, whether that includes being a grand tourer or a city hauler, the new F-150 is good at doing everything. That’s obviously not the case with the F-1. The old pickup was built to be a simple work truck that, if an owner was able to look past its flaws, could be driven on a daily basis.

F-1 vs F-150

Things were simpler in the past, which is something we and TFL Truck wish modern cars would go back to. If we had to choose between a ’50 F-1 and a ’18 F-150, we’d go with the original, and so would The Fast Lane Truck.

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