Watch Dick Butkus Plug the 1979 Ford Van

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1979 ford van butkus ad

Full sized vans have faded from the American automotive landscape due to the rise in popularity of the minivans and SUVs, but back in the 1970s, big vans were all the rage. In fact, the 1979 Ford van was popular enough that the Motor Company tapped NFL superstar Dick Butkus to talk up the full sized hauler.

Butkus talks about the advantages of the body on frame construction and the rubber body mounts, while also showing that he is able to comfortably swivel the driver’s seat to face the rear cargo area thanks to the fact that Ford moved the engine forward, further out of the interior than the competitors.

Ahh, the good ol’ days when an automaker could offer an item like a swiveling driver’s seat without worrying about some safety watchdog group suing them over it.

Anyways, like any good commercial from the 1970s, this ’79 Ford van ad finishes up with a gorgeous blonde in a tight white shirt.


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