Watch This Cop Pull Over a Semi in a Really Badass Way

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In case you didn’t know, diabetes is a dangerous disease. It can lead to blindness and the loss of body parts. It can also lead to the endangerment of random strangers as you’ll see in the following video.

A diabetic semi driver’s blood sugar got too low, causing him to pass out behind the wheel of his rig as it went northbound on Highway 81 in Nebraska. One Madison County deputy pulled up alongside the truck to get a look at the person behind the wheel and noticed his blank stare. The truck was out of control.

The poster of the video, TITANVORTEX, said, “As the tractor trailer barreled towards Norfolk, police in the city were already making plans in the event the truck went over the viaduct into the city’s biggest intersection.”

Deputy Todd Volk sprung into action. After pulling ahead of the semi, he parked his truck, ran out, and grabbed ahold of the unguided massive missile’s driver-side railing and mirror. A few seconds later, he slammed on the brakes, saving his life, the driver’s, and, potentially, those of many other people.

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