Watch Bigfoot Receive a Very Large Tire Change

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Getting Bigfoot #5 ready for a show requires much more than just a floor jack and some jack stands.

For most normal trucks, the act of changing a tire is about as simple as it gets. Loosen the lug nuts, jack it up, swap them out, lower and tighten. But when you drive the world’s most famous monster truck, you need more than a basic jack and jack stands. You need massive jacks, a fork lift, a ladder, and obviously, some help. Even in the case of Bigfoot #5, a ride rather “diminutive” by today’s monster truck standards.


But that’s what happens when your tires are ten feet tall and are connected to 5-ton military axles. Bigfoot #5 also weighs in at an incredibly hefty 28,000 pounds, which is ludicrous for something that looks like a regular old F-Series pickup. Sans the crazy lift and tires, of course. Much of that weight comes from the custom underpinnings, which are basically two frames stacked on top of each other.

And, oh yea, the wheels and tires weigh a whopping 2,400 pounds each, too. So obviously, you aren’t going to slap one on with your burly, greasy hands. Once Bigfoot comes off the trailer (humorously) wearing standard size rubber, it’s time to get out the heavy equipment. A forklift acts like a mega jack, lifting the rear of the truck up so those giant jack stands can slide in underneath.


The forklift also makes quick work of mounting the massive rolling stock. The whole thing is rather mesmerizing to watch. But the best part might be observing the driver trying to get in the thing once it’s all together. All it takes is a scary trek up the suspension, over the tire, and on to the running board. Then, all you have to do is execute a three point turn without running over any parked cars. Simple, right?

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