Watch a White Ford Explorer Jump & Get Vertical

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FTE Jump

Though watching perfectly executed leaps and bound performed by amazing Ford rigs can be a wonderful pastime, let’s all just be honest for a moment — we like to see the amateur jumps, at least from time to time. The flights taken by regular Ford trucks that are unsteady, pathetic, and downright stupid. It’s just enjoyable. Every once in awhile we actually get one of those amateurs that actually does an excellent job as well, which is something to smile about!

In today’s video for the HUMP DAY JUMP, we’ll be taking a look at this regular white Ford Explorer, and the driver that decided that jumping it would be a lot of fun. Though we would say it was enjoyable to watch, we’re sure that it was a bit… well, less graceful than the driver would have expected. Still, watching this lifted Ford (attempt to) take flight is pretty fun, so we thought we’d share it with you today.

In the video, which lasts only a few seconds, we see the Explorer charge toward the little hill that the driver decided to use as a ramp. As the front end of the car shoots off the ground, the rear doesn’t seem to want to lift more than a few inches, maybe a foot, off the ground. What results is a rather vertical leap that ends with a hard hit back against the ground when gravity decides to kick in.

Check out the video below and see this Explorer try and spread its wings!

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