Watch a Jacked Up 1996 Ford F-150 Battle the Mud

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1996 f150 stuck mud

This week’s Muddy video reminds us all that having a big, jacked up truck doesn’t always guarantee success in the mud bog – as displayed by this rough and rugged 1996 Ford F-150. This high riding F-150 is playing in the mud at the Kellenberger’s Mud Bog earlier this year, and while the owner attacks the mud from a variety of angles…none of those attacks prove to be successful.

We don’t know any of the details on this 1996 Ford F-150, but it certainly looks like a truck that would be able to handle the worst mud that Mother Nature could drum up. However, this video shows that time and time again, the old school half ton Ford truck finds itself stuck in the deep, soupy mud. However, Mondays are all about getting muddy and in getting stuck in the slop – this F-150 certainly fits the bill.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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