Watch a Ford F-150 verses an Old School Chevy

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This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a Ford F-150 making an 8th mile drag strip pass against an old school Chevrolet Delivery Van. We don’t really know anything about either vehicle, but we know that the F-150 is powered by a V8 engine and based on the sound, the old Chevy likely has a V8 as well.

When the race begins, the old Chevy hops out to a quick lead when the truck sleeps at the light, but when it has problems, the F-150 passes and begins to pull away. However, the old Chevy gets back underway and runs the Ford truck down by the end of the track – getting there first and running a better trap speed, but turning in a slower elapsed time due to the better reaction time.

In the end, the F-150 runs an 11.18 while the Chevy runs an 11.36. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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