Watch a Ford and Harley-Davidson Face Off

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When one thinks of vehicular American icons, there are usually several things that will pop into one’s head. One of those is, with the utmost certainty, a truck. To be more specific, people tend to think of old school Ford trucks or, if they know their stuff, maybe an Apache. Another ride that will immediately come to mind is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, regardless of whether or not it is truly just an American icon. Still, it’s the presence of these two symbols — a classic Ford truck and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle — that make today’s video so enjoyable!

The rider of the hog positions his ride against the bumper of the Ford in order to do a burnout, while the driver of the Ford proceeds to leap in and get his rear tires smoking. The result is a flawless combination of a simultaneous motorcycle an truck burnout, and it definitely looks like fun! What could be better than this?

Check out the scene for yourself in the video below and see these two amazing rides burn some rubber!

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