Watch a Classic Ford F-150 Super Bowl Ad Get Sky High

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FTE Jump

What could be better than a blast from the past from both the history of football and Ford trucks? Though we aren’t exactly close to Super Bowl 50 just yet, football season has dawned upon us, and today’s video is in honor of that. We’re going to rewind time today back to Super Bowl XXX, when the ’90s was alive and well and backwards ball caps, Moon Shoes, and other odd sights were on the streets. But let’s not forget that this was also the time when ’90s Ford trucks were brand new, and they definitely ruled the road!

While many people like to watch the Super Bowl for the game itself, many others tune in just to watch the commercials that play during constant breaks in the actual sporting event. Today’s videos is one of these commercials — back from 1996! The ad was meant to introduce the 1997 Ford F-150, and it did so by showing a black rig leaping over many older Ford trucks. The truck makes a perfect landing as the ad plays, trying to convince the listening audience to buy the newest F-150 on the market!

We have to say, anyone who did was likely not disappointed. Still, we’re not sure that a stock 1997 F-150 could really jumpĀ quite this far. But we’ll turn a blind eye to that today!

Check out the video below and watch this Ford defy gravity!

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