Watch a 1997 F-150 Leap Over 19 Ford Pickups

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This classic video offers a chance to enjoy the first commercial for the 1997 Ford F-150. Back then, the F Series pickup had been the bestselling truck in the world for 19 straight years.

To show off just how impressive 19 straight years of being the bestselling truck really is, Ford Motor Company put together a commercial stunt where the 1997 F-150 jumped 19 of the previous Ford pickups all lined up.


This 1997 Ford F-150 commercial doesn’t talk about what it does better than the competition, nor does it talk about any of the features that make it the bestselling truck in the world, but we do get to see the then-new F-150 racing through the desert before coming up on a conveniently located dirt jump.

On the other side of this jump is lined up 19 F-150 pickups door to door and the 97 F-150 easily soars over them all and lands without a problem.

Being the bestselling truck in America for 19 straight years (that number is now 38 straight years, FYI) is impressive, but watching an F-150 jump 19 other F-150s is even more impressive. Enjoy!

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